Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Saturday Writing Workshop!

Learning how to write well is all about practicing the art of writing.  Just as a pianist will not achieve musical success without practicing the piano, a writer will not achieve writing success without practicing writing.  The more a student is exposed to structured writing lessons, the more the student will improve in their writing process. To help give students another opportunity to practice their writing, we have created a new writing workshop on Saturdays

The workshop starts this Saturday, from 12:00-1:00 PM, and will include work in the following areas:

*Planning, Drafting, Editing, and Revising for Expository Essays 
*Planning, Drafting, Editing, and Revising for Narratives
*Planning, Drafting, Editing, and Revising for Responses to Literature
*Planning, Drafting, Editing, and Revising for Summaries

This class will be geared to the student who can already form a paragraph and is ready to work on writing multi-paragraph essays, stories, and summaries.  Lessons will rotate, so students can enter the workshop at any time.

Writing Workshops are $70 per month... spaces fill quickly... only 4-6 students per class.

Come check out the fun!!!